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On-Site Yoga

Balance By Breath provides on-site yoga classes to corporations and other institutions throughout South Florida. Our team of certified and experienced yoga instructors will bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace at times that are convenient for you and your employees.  Corporate yoga classes can be conducted in a 

  • Open common room

  • Conference room/ Open space

  • Open outdoors area

We ask that students bring a yoga mat, towel,  water and to wear comfortable yoga/workout attire.  All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. Our classes help to teach the fundamentals of yoga and give students the confidence to start an in-home or studio practice. ​

We understand that your time is valuable and sometimes space is limited; therefore, we also offer chair yoga to our corporate clients.

Why take chair yoga?

According to researchers Melville, Chang, Colagiuri, Marshall, and Cheema the physiological and psychological effects of mind-body stress reduction produce measurable relaxation in the subjects studied.


Just fifteen minutes of chair-based yoga postures and meditation can reduce perceived stress in the individuals. Research substantiates the premise that mind-body stress reduction practices enable employees to reduce perceived stress in the workplace.


A measurable reduction of stress post-practice was also noticed (Melville et al., 2012). The benefits of the seat- based program increased participant’s focus, reduced their physiological and psychological conditions, respiration rates decreased, systolic and diastolic rates significantly decreased.

Chair Yoga

Our Chair Yoga  Classes are customized yoga solution for staff who are tight on time or space to participate in a traditional corporate yoga class class with mats. This program is extremely effective at helping employees recharge their batteries at lunch or deeply release stress by the end of the day creating a more productive workplace and healthier, happier people. Companies like chair yoga because:

  • No yoga mats are needed, just a chair

  • No special room or space is required a conference

  • No need to change clothes; however we suggest slacks for more comfort

  • No showers necessary - this is a low impact class

  • No previous yoga experience is necessary – perfect for all levels!


Office Meditation 

Our corporate services also include the option for group office meditation. Your staff can learn how to apply meditation techniques in order to help them reduce stress and increase conversation.  Research confirms that participating in mindfulness-based practices actually changes the brain. In fact, individuals who complete a mindfulness program increase the grey matter/cortical thickness in the parts of their brain that helps them manage stress.

(2015, A. Antanaitis, "Mindfulness in the Workplace.")


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