Classes Offered


One-to-One Yoga

Private yoga sessions are great for anyone looking to start or deepen their personal practice. These customized sessions give students a gentle one-on-one approach, the chance to practice at their own pace and to focus on their goals. 

Students can expect the following from a yoga class:

  • tailored classes to meet level and needs

  • personalized attention on pose instruction 

  • breathing exercises 

  • proper form and technique to alleviate pain and compression

  • meditation and stress-reduction technique s

  • increased range of motion and strength

  • increased cardio and circulatory heatlh

  • imrproved respiration and enegry

  • improved posture and alignment

  • opportunity to practice different styles (yin, hatha, vinyasa, raaja, restorative)

  • ability to expand on philosophy and history of yoga


One-to-One Meditation

Private meditation sessions are for students looking to either start a meditation practice or learn more about meditation and the techniques to calm the mind through the power of the breath. Students have the opportunity to discover what form of meditation works best for them.

Benefits of a meditation class include:

  • breath awareness

  • learning various types of meditation 

  • learning how to create/expand an at-home practice

  • Learning an effortless approach to meditation.

  • Cultivating  a more positive state of mind.

  • Improving one's ability to alleviate tension and stress.

  • Sharpening one's  focus and concentration

  • Improving ones' quality of sleep.

  • learning how to manage conflict more effectively.


Yoga at Home
Couple Meditating

Small-Group &

Couples Classes

Couple or small group sessions take all the benefits of private yoga and mediation classes one step further and also include the element of bonding with your partner or friends in a new way.  

Benefits of Couple or Small Group classes include:

  • creating a shared sacred space

  • increased connections

  • increase in  relationship satisfaction

  • increased trust and awareness

  • reduction in stress and anxiety

  • support in accountability and motivation

  • support in healthy habits and lifestyle changes

  • improved communication and conflict management